Ivy Quill Communications, LLC helps people transform ideas into words that work ... whether in the world of business, non-profit, creative, or academic endeavors.

Crafting effective communications isn’t easy for everyone, and no one finds it easy all the time. As the nineteenth century artist Vincent Van Gogh observed, “There are so many people ... who imagine that words are nothing. On the contrary, don't you think? It's as interesting and as difficult to say a thing well as to paint a thing.”

Saying a thing well is even more important and challenging today:  the marketplace is competitive, audiences are demanding, and resources are often limited. Deadlines, distractions, and complexity challenge both the messenger and the audience at every turn.

The result can be ineffective messaging, unproductive staff, unnecessary expense, an unprofessional image ... in short, lost opportunities.

Ivy Quill Communications stands ready to help you grab those opportunities and transform them into gold. Owner Eliza Dolin is a professional writer with decades of experience; a proficient editor; a dynamic communications coach; and an intuitive branding consultant. Whether the project is a website, press release, resume package, white paper, or creative manuscript, when every word matters – and when does it not? – IQc delivers intelligent, quality, creative services that generate results.

Click here to view the IQc Powerpoint presentation about effective business writing.

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